Monday, May 23, 2011

LOVE these new cups!!!

Why do I love them so much?  Well, let me tell you!  They are BIG!  24 ounces BIG.  I like to drink lots and lots of iced tea and a small cup just won't do.  Second, they have a lid!  When I'm walking around or driving in my car I hate it when my drink sloshes around and spills.  Third, they are DOUBLE insulated.  Why would I care about that????  Well, cause it keeps my drink icy cold but no condesation on the outside.  And because I recently watched a news cast about how awful all the chemicals are that (they) are putting into our bodies, this cup is BPA free. And lastly, but certainly not least .... they are SUPER CUTE!

Seriously, who wouldn't love one of these?

If you still have to get a teachers gift or graduation gift these are perfect! 

Really, you just need to come in and get one for yourself!  :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Have you seen our fruit baskets?

A company ordered these as a way to thank their top customers.  They were so pleased with the way they turned out!  The VP of the company told me that he wanted to just get a box of fruit to give them but his wife explained to him that it's all about presentation.  We couldn't agree more!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This weeks (well last weeks) blog button

Since we had no power and no internet last week  I wasn't able to get out a new blog button for you all, so while it's a bit late it's here! :)

Better late than never right?  Maybe that should have been my blog button this week...

Anyway, here it is.  Remember, grab it while you can!  It'll be gone soon! :)

(Look to your right - grab the code in the text box and insert into your blog).

Monday, May 2, 2011

Due to Alabama tornados this is the first time we've been online since last Wed.

As with most everything (and everyone) else Savvy Gifts (and our homes) have been without power since last Wednesday.  We have now gotten power back at our homes but not the store.  We will continue to be closed until the power is restored! :(  We are VERY lucky that our homes and our business have minimal damage.  Our hope is that all of you are recovering and that things will begin to move slowly forward soon!  Let us know if that there is anything that we can do to help you!

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Savvy Gifts is Madison’s premier gift boutique. We are a mom (Glenda) and daughter (Lisa) team that started making gift baskets for corporate clients. You know, gourmet goodies as a way to say thank you. Business was great and we quickly opened up our storefront. We didn't want to limit ourselves to just gift baskets so we begin filling our space with fun, whimsical, unique gifts! Our niche seems to be great gifts for women - your girlfriends, teachers, mothers, daughters, etc. You get the idea! We often shop around to see what other "big box" stores are carrying and work diligently to avoid carrying the same products. That being said, overlap does occur so what makes us better? We pride ourselves on our customer service. Presentation is on the top of our list. All of our products can be organized and designed into a gift basket (at no extra charge) and any gift can be gift wrapped, complete with bag, tissue and a bow (no charge there either). We just want to make sure that you get the perfect gift and it is ready to give as soon as you leave our store. Our customers tell us time and time again how much they appreciate that.